Corporate success through strong working relationships

Supplier management

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Our success as company therefore rests on productive working relationships with strong suppliers. We also apply this approach to our purchasing strategy. When it comes to selecting our suppliers, we not only look at costs, we also consider the following factors in our supplier assessments:

  • Consistently high quality
  • Reliability, adherence to delivery dates and efficient logistics
  • Entrepreneurial flexibility and speed of response
  • Competitive position and efficiency
  • Innovative spirit and capabilities
  • Good service and willingness to cooperate and provide information

How to become a supplier 

We kindly ask you to complete the following supplier assessment form and return it to us so that we can get an idea of your business profile in advance. This will enable us to consider you as a supplier for future enquiries and invitations to tender. Please send the completed form to: nkfdlplstnt:


Instructions for how to proceed are set out in the aluplast work instructions “Lieferantenerfassung” (Supplier Assessment).

Supplier strategy

1st level - Series Supplier

You meet the requirements of our supplier evaluation and are rated as tier A supplier. A supplier evaluation is carried out at least once a year.

2nd level - Key Supplier

You have proven to be a reliable series supplier and you build on our business relationship by increasing your productivity to the mutual benefit of all those involved. We conclude long-term framework purchasing agreements with you. 

3rd level - Preferred Supplier

You are a strategically important partner for aluplast and you apply your expertise and innovations to enhance our working relationship. You invest and participate in the development of new products.

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